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Sep 28, 2016
Oxygen Scavenger Barrier (OSB) in PET packaging
May 13, 2014

Oxygen Scavenger Barrier (OSB) in PET packaging
 New solution for MAP packaging technology, replacing conventional (passive) oxygen barrier (EVOH) with active Oxygen Scavenger Barrier (OSB).

The package/tray contains OSB in the PET sheet structural layers, which prevents penetration of atmospheric Oxygen into the tray, absorbs Oxygen from inside the tray, and by that extends shelf life of the product.
The new solution of OSB is supplied commercially in 2 forms -

1. Film for food producers using FFS machines.
2. Pre-made trays.

Oxygen scavengers additive is based on iron, supplied by commercial companies,. which complies with FDA Direct Food Contact and EU Food Contact requirements.
PET+OSB meets migration requirements according to EU directives and Israeli standard 5113
Advantage of OSB in comparison to EV

  • Improves clarity.
  • Reduce cost
  • Package identification with recycle symbol and not,
    reduces taxes according to regional regulations (PRO Europe).
The product has successfully passed validation processes with sliced meat and sliced hard cheese products, while values of O2 and CO2, meet customer specification through all shelf life phases.
All relevant parameters examined such as Total Count, Coliforms, PH, lactobacillus, visual test and organoleptic were at acceptable levels.
Visit of the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor
Jan 11, 2011
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Visit of the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor


The Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor, Mr. Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, visited SZP on Jan. 11, 2011. The minister expressed his impression from SZP operation,  achievements, growth and innovation in the last years. During his tour in the factory, the minister inaugurated the new extrusion line. 
New extrusion line in S.Z.P
Aug 01, 2010

S.Z.P has purchased a new, state-of-the-art extrusion line from Bandera, Italy. The line will start production by the end of August.
With this new line, the yearly capacity to produce sheets at S.Z.P will double to 9,000 ton.
The new line is equipped with a twin-screw extruder with the ability to work with up to 100% recycled bottle flakes (PRC),  
and meets the international standards for food grade sheets.
The new extruder expands the thickness range of  S.Z.P products from 150 micron to 1500 micron
Anti-fog Solution
Aug 01, 2010
S.Z.P announces a new product – PET sheets and containers with Anti fog solution.
Peace on earth project
Jun 21, 2010

S.Z.P welcomes Jewish and Arab children to the factory as part of the “Peace on earth” project. The children learned about the plastic recycling process,  toured the factory and worked together on an art project using recycled plastics.
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